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Our Trails Rebooted campaign is finding solutions to support our popular recreation areas by improving existing trails, championing the construction of new ones and helping hikers see the role they play in the future of trails. 

This is the next step in our efforts to make Trails for Everyone, Forever. We are building off the success of our Lost Trails Found campaign which has demonstrated the power of hikers coming together in support of special places. We’re channeling your passion for close-in hikes to reimagine what’s possible for iconic trails and investing in the trail system of tomorrow. 

More hikers =

more trail champions

Where you might see a crowded parking lot, WTA sees dozens of new hikers that could become champions for trails and public lands.

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Join Trails Rebooted and help us upgrade our trail system.

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Upgrading Our Trail System

Increasing demand and chronic underinvestment have put our current trails under incredible pressure. Building the trail system of tomorrow requires a multi-faceted approach. We're testing innovative solutions in four different landscapes around the state, expanding our hiker education work to empower our community to be the best stewards they can be, supporting our state's most iconic and marshalling resources to complete this work. By doing this, we strive to ensure Washington's trails can be enjoyed by the next generation.