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Our Lost Trails Found campaign is working to save trails that are at-risk of disappearing completely — preserving access to our stunning backcountry for generations to come. Through your generous support, boots-on-the-ground trail maintenance, voices in Congress and innovative partnerships, we are putting trails back on the map.

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Our Work

A member of the Lost Trails Found Northwest Youth Corps Crew working on a trail in the Pasayten.

Building Partnerships

To maximize the impact of our Lost Trails Found campaign, WTA is working to bring together public land agencies and trail organizations from across the state to identify, fund and execute trail maintenance priorities in Washington's beautiful backcountry.

Through collaboration, we can pool our resources and expertise into building a sustainable backcountry trail system.

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The inaugural Lost Trails Found crew on trail.

Putting Trails Back on the Map

Miles of trails into Washington’s wild and remote landscapes are not receiving the maintenance they need. The routes are or are at risk of, becoming lost. We need boots on the ground now to bring these trails back into hiking shape.

Through our professional Lost Trails Found crews and volunteer Backcountry Response Teams, we can devote thousands of hours of work to our backcountry favorites.

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A WTA hard hat raised in front of the Capitol building

Advocating for Federal Trail Funding

Budget cuts and increasingly extreme fire seasons have undermined land managers’ ability to keep backcountry trails clear and maintained for hikers.

We're working at the national level to increase land manager budgets and shrink the differed maintenance backlog across our federal lands.

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Stories From the Field

Lost Trails Found Crews Bring Big Boost to Backcountry Trails

This summer, WTA will be leading two six-person crews into the backcountry to tackle some of our biggest projects.


Reviving an Old Route to the Pratt

WTA has been hosting annual work parties and Backcountry Response Teams along the Pratt River Trail since 2016 as a part of our Lost Trails Found campaign. We're working to save this alternate access point into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and ensure plenty of hiking opportunities in a place that needs it most.


Recovering Trails in the Entiat

Since 2017, WTA trail crews have been visiting the Entiat to help mitigate wildfire damage. And in 2021, we were able to give the area extra attention thanks to our first ever backcountry pro crew. By Rachel Wendling.